Our ServicesHeavenly Delight

We employ a dry heat sterilized and medical autoclave steam sterilization process on all our tools. Our nail kit file, buffer and pumice stone comes packaged and sealed from our exclusive supply company. We care about your pedicure and manicure safety.


    • Philosophy
    • At Organic Nails And Spa II we have passion for wellness. We are committed to an incredible spa experience for everyone. We provide an environment that delights the senses and brings joy to body, mind and spirit. We use natural and organic spa ingredients that allow you to experience a distinctive and soothing spa atmosphere. Our motto is that “Nails should be natural, flawless and absolutely beautiful” and is at the heart of all services we provide our clients.

      We are located in the East Market Shopping Center that have Whole Foods Market in the beautiful and charming of Fair Lakes.

    • Our Spa Experience
    • Our professionally trained staff use organic and eco-friendly vegan products with both ancient and contemporary techniques to create a personalized service tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

    • Our Exceptional Safety Standards
    • We employ a dry heat sterilized and medical autoclave steam sterilization process on all our tools. Our nail kit file, buffer and pumice stone comes packaged and sealed from our exclusive supply company. Our clients are welcome to bring their nail kits home.

      We care about your pedicure and manicure safety.

      Our unique and exclusive pedicure chairs are equipped with disposable air jets and liners. Our manicure bowls come with disposable liners . We provide our clients with the highest cleanliness possible in a nail salon as your trust in our safety standards is paramount.


      Our nail polish leaves a long-lasting shine;
      10-FREE, 7 FREE and Big-5 FREE do not contain toxic chemicals;
      * Formaldehyde-free * Toulene-free * DBP-free * Formaldehyde resin-free * Campho-free * Lead-free * Xylene-free * Ethyl Tosylamide * Paraben-free *Vegan, gluten-free and animal-cruelty-free;
      We carry our own signature Vegan nail polish, as well as all other high-end nail polish brands. We also have O.P.I nail polish and Dipping Powder. SNS, NuGenesis, Perfect Flow.
      Our gel polish is 7-FREE | 5- FREE | 9 FREE |+ top notch Revolutionary Oxygenating Gel Technology.

    For your little Princess or Prince
    (11 & Under)

    • The Royal Princess / Prince
    • Mani and pedi includes bubble bath soak, nails shape, gentle file, honey sugar me scrub, moisturizer and massage.
      Complementary upgrade to Polish Me Pure with your choice of color.

      Manicure 13 | Pedicure 25 | Combo 32
      Polish Change for Hands 9 | Feet 12 | Design 3 for each nail.

    Hands & Feet

    • Mini Organic
    • Includes essential oil soak with epsom salt, shaping, buffing and cutilcle care followed by a hot towel wrap and organic moisturizing cream massage. Topped with Non-Toxic polish

      Mani 18 | Pedi 30 | Combo 45
    • MiniLux Organic
    • Includes our mini organic treatment with organic Moroccan Argan Oil, essential oils, coconut oil, avocado oil and honey sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your skin, callus treatment, a hot towel wrap, moisturizing cream massage, real flower inflused “Blossom” cuticle oil treatment for smoother and softer cuticles. This treatment will leave your skin smooth and replenished. Topped with Non-Toxic polish.

      Mani 21 | Pedi 35 | Combo 52
    • The Fair Lakes Experience
    • Complementary herbal neck wrap, Featuring 100% Cruelty free Eco-friendly
      Our MiniLux organic treatment with a warm neck wrap plus Volcano Spa - a new luxury experience in a single-use pedicure treatment. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion! Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask and collagen massage lotion made with organic based ingredients formulated to provide clients a premium pedicure experience. Topped with Non-Toxic polish.

      Mani 30 | Pedi 52 | Combo 76
    • The Pedi Pods
    • Complementary herbal neck wrap, Featuring 100% Cruelty free Eco-friendly vitamints, nutrients and essential oil creates the perfect hydration product to help restore dry/ damaged skin to a healthy looking and feeling condition and stimulate the scenes throuht gentle aromatherapy. Intensive massage and add hot stone combine,intensive hydration last for hours.

      Mani 32 | Pedi 55 | Combo 83
    • Pure EssentialLux
    • Complementary herbal neck wrap
      Featuring 100% Cruelty free Eco-friendly paraffin alternative
      Our MiniLux organic treatment with a complementary herbal neck wrap, followed with aromatherapy, a warm Eco-fin foot wrap - a natural, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin and an soothing massage using a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, and organic coconut oils with shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils to moisturize and leave the skin soft and supple. A true hand and foot indulgence! Topped with Non-Toxic polish

      Choose your aromatherapy scent:
      *Happy – Raspberry/Grapefruit blend | *Escape – Peppermint.
      *Reverie – Lavender/Vanilla blend | *Dream – Sweet, Sensual Vanilla blend.
      *Be Well – Green Tea/Aloe blend | *Shangri-la – Jasmine/Sandalwood blend.
      *Muse – Ginger/Cinnamon blend | *Retreat – Coconut/Pineapple blend.
      *Pleasure – Chocolate | *Purify – Unscented

      Mani 30 | Pedi 52 | Combo 77
    • Green ZenSpa
    • Complementary herbal neck wrap
      The zenspa experience a is pure, serene and luxurious. We awaken the senses with a detoxifying soak, then remove even the toughest callus and cuticle build-up. Feet are revived and exfoliated with our exclusive Microdermabrasion Scrub, followed by a heavenly massage and Thermal Bootie treatment to soften and condition.Toe nails are meticulously tended to, analyzed and customized treatments performed.

      Mani 31 | Pedi 49 | Combo 70
    • Signature Oxygenating Vegan Soak-Off Color Gel
      HEALTHIER & STRONGER Nails: Nourish, Strengthen and Moisturizer natural nails to grow longer.
      Includes shaping, cuticle treatment, house sugar scrub,moisturizing massage, hot towel, topped with Non-Toxic Oxygenating Gel

      Mani 45 + MiniLux Organic Pedi 35 | Combo 75
      Oxygenating Gel Mani 45 | Oxygenating Gel Pedi 60 | Combo 98
    • The Organic Signature
      Give your body what it deserves!
      A luxurious treatment with a complementary warm neck wrap includes seasonal scents and products unique to Organic Nails and Spa. This treatment is like an anti aging treatment for your hands and feet with hot stone massage.
      Our FarmHouse Fresh products are paraben and sulfate free, phthalate free scents. Each products is made with up to 100% natural and organic ingredient, and all made in U.S.A. topped with Non-Toxic nails polish.

      Mani 48 | Pedi 75 | Combo 118
      Upgrade to Healthy Gel 15 | Upgrade Oxygenating Vitamin infused Gel 18
    • Vegan Soak-Off Color Gel
    • Include shaping, cuticle treatment, house sugar scrub,moisturizing massage, hot towel wrap, topped with Non-Toxic Healthy Gel

      Mani 38 | Add on MiniLux Organic Pedi 35 | Combo 68
      Healthy Gel Color Mani 38 | Healthy Gel Pedi 52 | Combo 87
    • The GEHWOL med. Intensive Healing
    • Everything for the well-being of the feet, suitable for diabetes.natural product
      Complementary herble neck wrap,Featuring 100% Cruelty free Eco-friendly
      Give your body what it deserves!
      This treatment is for the feet sore from running a marathon, your tired, sweaty, sore feet, blistered from wearing too tight shoes, or cracked and dry from normal wear and tear.
      Includes herbal bath soaking, gentle and thorough exfoliation using natural bamboo granules and jojoba wax, Callus treatment Cream, and massaged with Foot Cream Extra, which includes camphor and menthol to stimulate circulation and metabolism, extention foot massage to promote healing and restore the balance of lipids and moisture.

      Pedi 69
    • Foot Massage
    • 10 minutes 15 | (no pedicure) 18
      20 minutes 25 | (no pedicure) 32
    • Polish change included cut down & file for Hands 13 | Feet 15 | Add French 4
      Dior Polish / Tom Ford Add-On Hands 7 | Feet 7 | Hands + Feets 11
      Christtian Louboutin Polish Hands 9 | Feet 9 | Hands + Feet 14
      Dazzle Dry Weekly Wear Impaccable shine Polish Hands 6 | Feet 6 | Hand + Feet 10
      Vegan Gel Polish Change Hands 25 | Oxygenating Gel PC 30
      Vegan Gel Polish change feet 30 | Oxygenating Gel PC 38
      Vegan Gel Add-on Artificial Nails Only 15
      Vegan Gel Add-on Natural Nails 20 | Add-on Oygenating Gel 25
      Nail Art Design per One 4 | With Crystal Rhinestone, per One 7+
      Gel Color Soak-Off without Add-On service 12 | Gel Color Soak-Off & Add-On service 8
      Acrylic Soak-Off with Hard Gel or Silk Wrap 15
      Disposal Paraffin Add-On for Hands 12 | Feet 15
      Vegan EcoFin choose Aromatherapy Add-On for Hand 15 | feet 15
    • Nail Enhancements
    • Silk Wrap Full Set 50 | Fill-in 37
    • Hard Gel Extension
    • Get artificial length without the harmful chemical, our hard gel is the healthy alternative to longer durable nails. Topped with Non-Toxic Polish

      Full Set 54 | Fill-in 39 | Add Gel Polish 15
    • Healthy Nail Extensions
    • Also known diamond dipped nails, this alternative is safer than acyrlic as this method does not dehydrate the natural nail and promotes continued health and growth. There is no lifting or yellowing of the nails and nails are stronger than gel and more natural than fiberglass. Topped with Non-Toxic polish of your choice

      Full Set 65 | Fill-ins 47 | Add Gel Polish 15
    • Dipping Powder
    • Great about Dipping powder is formulated to build the healthy and strengh of your natural nails.Ordor free, strong,durable to build and strengh of your natural nails, vitamint E & calcium fortified, long lasting impeccable shine look & feel natural, No UV/ LED Lamp required. Environmentally friendly & easyto soak off and made to last two weeks or longer dries instanly! Choose from approximately 1000 different colors. Available in SNS, OPI, NuGenesis, and more.

      On Natural nails 48 | with Extention 52 | Two-Tone Ombre add 15+ | French add 5
      No extra charge for a dipping powder soak-off when you have a dipping powder sevice with us.
    • Pure Waxing Services
    • Natural organic Ingredients, European Wax Formula

      Lip 8 | Chin 10 | Eyebrows 12 | Full Face 39 | Side Burns 15
      Under Arms 20 | Half Arms 30 | Full Arms 40 up
      Half Legs 32 | Full Legs 58
      Bikini Line 25 & Up | French Bikini 35 & up | Brazillian 48 | Behind 10 | Butt 20
      Brazilian with Blue Wax French Formula 69
    • Gentleman’s Waxing Services
    • Natural organic Ingredients, European Wax Formula

      Gentleman’s Back or Chest 65 | Gentleman’s Shoulder 40 | Gentleman’s Eyebrows 12